Fun examples of diverse adaptations

Some fellow grad students in the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department here at University of Arizona recently shared this link with me on Facebook:

The site posts fantastic close ups of exotic animals (mostly) that look like something Dr. Seuss or Salvador Dali would draw. I love these examples of the diversity of life.

My own silly nature photo to add to the conversation is one I took yesterday in Chaos Canyon, at UA’s Desert Station research site in the Tucson Mountains. The saguaros, which puff out like plump Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dums during the summer, have contracted into wrinkly, shriveled posts, despite the recent winter rainfall (nearly an inch only five days ago!). Perhaps it was too cold for them to take advantage of the water? All that remains of their monsoon water stashes are small bulges in their midsections, like snakes after a snack of baby packrat.