Girls On Rock is hiring!

Girls On Rock is hiring a temporary (9-month) part-time coordinator for ~10 hours/week at $20-28 per hour (depending on experience) to start ASAP – please spread the word!

Application closes October 2nd:

Because part of the coordinator’s responsibilities will be visiting schools and community events within Colorado to spread the word to eligible high schoolers, they should ideally be located in Colorado, but do not need to be based in the Front Range.

Girls On Rock is a tuition-FREE 2-week backcountry expedition for 16-18-year-old girls (including trans and non-binary youth) to explore the Rocky Mountains and challenge themselves through science, art, and rock climbing. Selection of participants is NOT based on grades, nor is prior experience with any of those skills required. Instead, we seek to serve high schoolers who are passionate about the opportunity to grow from these experiences and who would use it to become a leader in their community.

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