In the media

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May, 2022: Third Pod from the Sun interview about my research in Antarctica, the Arctic, and what’s next

June, 2019: Comments on a recent Nature paper in PBS NOVA WGBH online article

May, 2019: Comments on a recent Current Biology paper in The Verge

April, 2019: BYU Radio’s Constant Wonder interview about my research in Antarctica

April, 2019: River of Suck podcast interview about the struggles of scientific research

December, 2018: Coloradan magazine piece on CU researchers in Antarctica

October, 2018: CU’s Buffs Talk Science podcast interview about my research

May, 2018: Montrose Daily Press coverage of my visit to local schools

October, 2017: The Antarctic Sun’s coverage of my research in Antarctica

December, 2013: Arizona Illustrated’s coverage of Sky School on PBS

December, 2013: Arizona Public Media’s radio coverage of Sky School programs

November, 2013: UA News coverage of Sky School programs