The tunnel leading to Biosphere 2's lungs. Those massive structures kept the glass from blowing out as the sun heated the enormous greenhouse daily during the two missions when it was sealed up. For Earth Day, Biosphere 2 was letting people wander through without a structured tour, and I found myself lurking alone in this transition point.

I’ve had an incredibly inspiring and tiring week, attending the Next Generation of Sonoran Desert Researchers conference, rolling with Sonoran Desert Discovery to Earth Day events at the Desert Museum and Biosphere 2, seeing the undergraduate research I was a part of at the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology poster session… it’s enough to get me pumped up for a summer of fieldwork even as the temperatures hit 100 degrees already! I’m going to have to spread all this information and infatuation out over a few weeks. The plan is to update on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays over the next couple of months, so that on days when XKCD isn’t fresh for you to procrastinate with, you can waste time looking at something in the Sonoran Desert instead. It might even be enough to make you wish you were sticking the summer out to see all the action of the monsoons too… or it might just make you glad I’m willing to do so and that you can get a window in on it from somewhere sane like Colorado or Pennsylvania or Brazil.

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