Another two snake day!

Once again, I saw two snakes on my way to check plots for seedlings at Saguaro National Park! This time, they were not venomous (at least, the first wasn’t, the second I’m not so sure), so I stopped to snap some photos with my cell phone (my good camera being too bulky for the trail run to the far plots).

Pretty sure this is a coachwhip (Coluber flagellum)

Dangerous or not, they seemed just to be cold and sunning themselves (snakes from other climates would laugh; it was “only” 80 degrees at that point, positively chilly here!), but still gave me a good shot of adrenaline when I came upon them suddenly.

A really terrible photo of a snake hanging out. Can you tell what it is? I’m still trying to ID it.

3 thoughts on “Another two snake day!

    1. I think you’re right, now that I look at more photos of Sonoran gopher snakes online. It was smaller than others I’ve seen, and much greener (the photo doesn’t capture that well). But hue seems to be pretty variable.

  1. Yeah, seems animals never obey the RGB species color guidelines. Pisses me right off every time I have to ID a new species. I mean, what kind of breeding programs is going on here?

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