Victory at last?

I have been trying to catch rodents in the act of foraging for seeds or seedlings. Usually, I manage to position my trail cameras behind branches and get hundreds of videos of wind waving them. Or the batteries shift out of place and I get no videos at all (so much for being “rugged”). Or water gets through the weatherproof casing and the screen stops working (see comment on ruggedness…).

But my latest efforts to study seed removal by granivores (failed due to cloudbursts, but) yielded an infrared video of a big old packrat appearing to try getting into my experimental exclosures at the seeds inside – and seeming to fail! Score one for my methods?

3 thoughts on “Victory at last?

  1. Great catch! I’ve had lots of success using the Covert Extreme TLV trail camera. Seems to handle the heat and heavy rains of the monsoon pretty well. Wishing you continued success!

    1. Thanks for the tip! I was just trying to decide how to blow the last few hundred dollars on my grant… do you use the Black 60 (“invisible” black flash) or Red 40 (infrared flash) model?

      1. sorry for the delay! I use the infrared flash. a drawback is that if the flash is pointed right at the subject and is really close the subject can almost be whited-out. I’ve found that pointing the camera just a tiny bit to one side or the other of where you expect the action to occur helps reduce this.

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